Snow Clearing Updates – Mar 24 2016 – 8:30 am

Forecast as of 8:30 am:
The snow has transitioned over to freezing rain lingering through to into the early afternoon. Warmer air will move in changing the freezing rain to rain for the rest of the afternoon through the evening before dissipating into the overnight. Possible snow amounts will be from 2-5cm with possible ice accretion from 5-10mm. Dry conditions return for Friday. Also winds will increase with gusts from 50-60 km/h for Thursday

Summary of Winter Maintenance Activities
As of 8:30 am on Wednesday,  March 24, 2016

Arterial Roads
Third around deployed 8:00am to approx. 10:00pm
Second round salting 5:15 - approx. 7:15 am
Salters deployed 3:15 am - approx. 5:15am

Collector Roads
Second round of salting begining approx 7:15 am est completion 11:00 am
Salters deployed 4:15 am, drivers have been instructed to begin second round upon completion

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
Second round salting 5:15 - approx. 6:15 am
Salters deployed 3:15 am - approx. 4:15am

Local Roads
Salters deployed 4:15 am est completion 3:00pm
Salters were deployed 6:00pm for spreading operation (called off 7:30pm March 23).

Laneway Roads
Salters were deployed 6:00pm for spreading operation.

High pedestrian and manual locations deployed for salting operation (plowing where required) 5:15 am

Bus Stops and Crosswalks
Salting operation deployed 5:15 am

Senior program deployed for a salting  operation (clearing where required)  7:00am to approx 3:00pm

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