Snow Clearing Updates – Mar 1, 2016 – 9:00 pm

Forecast as of 9:00 pm:
Light snow late afternoon will intensify to periods of moderate to heavy snow this evening, lasting overnight. Snow will start to taper off early Wednesday morning, clearing before midday. The bulk of the snow will fall in the evening and early overnight period with rates averaging 2 cm per hour for 6 hours, delivering total accumulations of 15 to 20cm. Dry conditions are forecast to last through the middle of Wednesday and the afternoon into Wednesday night. It will be windy through Tuesday afternoon, evening and night into Wednesday morning with gusts of 60-70km/h, leading to drifting or blowing snow before winds ease during Wednesday afternoon.

Summary of Winter Maintenance Activities
As of 9:00 pm on Tuesday March 1, 2016

Arterial Roads
Plows to be deployed 9:30pm with follow behind salting est completion 1:30am
Salters deployed 6:45pm completed approx 8:45 pm
Salters deployed North of Eglinton for Spot Salting operation 2:15 pm completed approx 4:15 pm
Salters began spreading 9:30 am Completed approx 11:30am

Collector Roads
Plows deployed 9:00pm estimated completion 3:00am
Salters deployed 6:30pm est completion 10:00 pm
Salters began spreading 10:15am completed approx 2:15pm

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
Salters deployed 6:45pm est completion 8:45 pm
Salters began spreading 9:30 am completed approx 10:30am

Local Roads
Plows deployed immediately following Collector routes est completion 10:00am
Salters deployed to salt 10:00am completed approx 8:00pm

Laneways Roads
Salters began spreading 10:00am ongoing until completed

Sidewalk plows scheduled to be deployed 10:00pm est completion 11:00am March 2

Bus Stops and Crosswalks
Bus Stop and Crosswalk clearing equipment scheduled to be deployed 1:00am March 2

No Activity at this time

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