Snow Clearing Updates – Jan 29, 2016 – 11:00 am

Forecast as of 11:00 am:
The chance of snow will dissipate quickly into morning with dry conditions expected throughout the day into Saturday morning. Winds increase with potential gusts up to 45 km/h beginning Friday morning and lingering through the afternoon before easing into the evening. A new system moves in scattered rain showers beginning early Saturday afternoon as temperatures quickly limb to 2C.

Summary of Winter Maintenance Activities
As of 11:00 am on Friday January 29, 2016

Arterial Roads
No Activity

Collector Roads
No Activity

Local Roads
Salters deployed for salting operation 7:30 am est Completion 7:30 pm

Salters deployed for salting operation 8:30 am est Competion 8:30 pm

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
No Activity

High pedestrian sidewalks salting operation commencing 8:30 am upon completion low pedestrian sidewalks will be salted- est Completion 9:30 pm

Bus Stops and Crosswalks
Salting of bus stops and croswalks deployed 10:00am est completion 10:00pm

Senior Locations
Spot Salting where required 7:00 am - 3:00pm

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