Snow Clearing Updates – Jan 19, 2016 – 7:30 am

Forecast as of 7:30 am:
Variably cloudy skies are likely through Wednesday with occasional flurries to heavy flurries at times. Occasional light accumulations are possible as well but the heaviest snow appears to be over. Wind gusts of 50-60 km/h is likely for Tuesday.

Total Accumulation: .1 -2 cm overnight

Summary of Winter Maintenance Activities
As of 7:30 am on Thursday January 19, 2016

Arterial Roads
• No Activity

Collector Roads
• No Activity

Local Roads
No Activity

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
• No Activity

Salters deployed 7:00am est completed approx 6:00pm

• High Pedestrian sidewalks, walkways and steps - Spot salting and scraping commencing at 9:00am est completion Approx 6:00pm

Bus Stops & Crosswalks
• Salting of Bus Stops commencing at 9:00am est completion Approx 6:00pm

• Hand Crews were deployed to clear and salt listed seniors (7:00am - 3:00pm)

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