Snow Clearing Updates – Jan 12, 2016 – 5:00 pm

Forecast as of 5:00 pm:
Strong winds gusting to 70 km/h will be possible into tonight as an arctic front is pushing snow showers through the GTA now, likely with little if any additional accumulation. Snow Squalls are starting to initiate over Lake Huron now. There should be one band from Kincardine to Kitchener, another from Barrie to Newmarket. for tonight. The kitchener squall will push towards Toronto new dawn for a brief period of time as winds shift. There could be a quick burst of snow for an hour during that time. It should be fairly dry through the daytime Wednesday, but another system will move into the region with periods of light snow beginning in the late evening and lingering through to the Thursday morning. A couple of cm is likely overnight.

Total Accumulation: .6.5 cms.

Summary of Winter Maintenance Activities
As of 5:00 pm on Tuesday January 12, 2016

Arterial Roads
• South of Eglinton Depot 5 - Lay-by parking clean up scheduled to begin 1:30 am Jan 13
• South of Eglinton Depot 5 - Bikelane clean up scheduled for 8:00pm
• PM clean up of on street parking 4:00 - 6:00 (North of Eglinton includes bike lanes)
• Arterial slushing (center and turning lanes) commenced 10:30am completed approx 2:30pm
• Plowing with salt application was deployed 10:00am operations were suspended 10:30am
• Back to Back second round of salting commenced 6:10 am estimated completion time of 8:00 am
• 1st round of salting completed approx (4:30 am - 6:10am)

Collector Roads
• Third round of salting commenced 12:00pm completed approx 3:00pm
• Back to Back second round of salting commenced 7:30am estimated completion time of 10:00 am
• 1st round of salting completed approx (5:00am - 7:30am)

Local Roads
• Commenced salting at 6:25am completed approx 4:30 pm

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
• Plowing with salt application commenced 10:00am Completed approx 11:30am
• Second round of salting 6:10am completed approx 7:15 am
• 1st round of salting completed approx (4:30am - 5:30)

• Laneway salting scheduled to be deployed 10:00am with continuing operation until completed

• High Pedestrian sidewalks, walkways and steps - plowing and salting commenced 9:00am upon completion Low pedestrian sidewalks plowing and salting will commence. est completion 10:00pm

Bus Stops & Crosswalks
• Salting of Bus Stops to commence 1:00pm Estimated completion 11:30pm

• Hand Crews have been deployed to clear and salt listed seniors (7:00am - 5:00pm) operation will continue if required 7:00am Jan 13

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