Snow Clearing Updates – Feb 7 2017 – 9:30 pm

Forecast as of 9:30pm
95% POP rain continuing thru 2am Wednesday Morning
Slight chance of scattered flurries Wednesday

Summary of winter maintenance activities

As of 9:30pm on Tuesday February 7, 2017

Arterial Road
3rd round salting estimated completion 11:30pm
2nd Rounds salting completed

Collector Roads
3rd round salting estimated completion 1:00am Feb 8
2nd Rounds salting completed

Local Roads
Salters deployed 12:40pm estimated completion 12:01 am Feb 8

Laneway Roads
Salters deployed 11:45am estimated completion 11:45am Feb 9th

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail (Humber River to Mississauga Border)
2nd Round Salting deployed 3:50pm Completed 8:30pm

Sidewalk Salters deployed to High Pedestrian then Low Pedestrian sidewalks 1:00 pm to approx estimated completion 1:00am Feb 8

Bus Stops and Crosswalks
Salting in conjunction with Sidewalk equipment 1:00 pm estimated completion 1:00am Feb 8

Seniors Sidewalks
In house forces deployed 1:00pm completion for day 7:30 pm
to re-commence Feb 8 6:00am - 3 day completion time

Snow Removal
No Activity

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