Snow Clearing Updates – Dec 29, 2015 – 5:00 am

It took a while but the warmer air has quickly moved in from Mississauga to Niagara. Temperatures are all above freezing now and it's just raining now. Parts of Toronto are still seeing ice pellets and Markham is still at -4C and up to 6 cm reported. This should change over to by 5 am though and little further accumulation. 2-5 mm of rain is expected for the daytime today with highs ranging from 6C in Niagara to 3C in Barrie. Winds have been gusting close to 80 km/h too. They will ease somewhat by dawn, but still gusting to 45 km/h for the Niagara Peninsula through the day and veering from easterly to southwesterly.

Dry conditions are expected by mid-afternoon through the overnight with lows around freezing and still quiet into midday Wednesday. It looks like more wet flurries are on the way for late in the day Wednesday. It's early to say for sure but there could be 1 or 2 cm of accumulation into midnight if it gets cold enough, but right now we think temperatures will be around 1 or 2C during this time.

Snow Advisory as of 5:00 am December 29th 2015
Total accumulation 5 - 6 cm
District Communications center is OPEN
Arterial Roads
3rd round salting completed 11:25pm - 1:30am
2nd round of salting completed approx10:00pm
1st round of salting completed approx. 8:00pm

Collector Roads
2nd Round salting completed approx 10:15 - 1:30 am
1st round salting completed approx 10:15 pm

Local Roads
Salting commenced 10:00pm Heavy setting with prewetting. Estimated completion 9:00am Dec 29th

Sidewalks deployed to High Pedestrial sidewalks 1:00am

Bus Stops and Crosswalks
Manual salting commenced 1:00am

Humber Bay Waterfront Trail
2nd round salting and plowing   11:25pm - 1:25 am Salters deployed 6:00 - 7:00 - Completed

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