Snow Clearing Updates – Dec 27 – 10:00 pm

Forecast as of 10:00pm

Currently experiencing scattered flurries and freezing drizzle
Gusty conditions are expected through the evening Tuesday
Temperatures will drop tonight, flurries overnight through Wednesday with trace accumulation

Summary of winter maintenance activities
As of 10:00pm on Tuesday December 27, 2016

Arterial Road
Salters deployed 8:20pm estimated completion 11:30pm
Anti Icing on arterial hills and bridges Cancelled

Collector Roads
Salters deployed 9:20pm estimated completion 2:00am Dec 28
Anti Icing on collector hills and bridges Cancelled

Steep Local Roads
Anti Icing on Steep local hills Completed

Local Roads
Salters deployed 10:00pm estimated completion 9:00am Dec 28

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