Reminder Notice – Solid Waste Management Services Yellow Bag and Yellow Tag Compliance

Reminder Notice - Solid Waste Management Services Yellow Bag and Yellow Tag Compliance       

At its October 7th, 2015 meeting of the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee, Solid Waste Management and Municipal Licencing and Standards staff were directed to report back on practices, activities and outcomes regarding compliance in Solid Waste Management diversion programs.  The report also outlined the measures undertaken by Solid Waste Management Services (SWMS) and the Municipal Licencing and Standards (ML&S) Divisions that address non-compliance with Solid Waste Collection By-laws and our collaborative efforts to target enforcement activities.

As part of our efforts to ensure Yellow Bag or Tag and material separation compliance, Solid Waste Management will be engaging in a campaign to encourage diversion and compliance through a proactive educational approach. Nighttime Collections staff will leave waste material that is not placed in a yellow bag or containing a yellow tag and contaminated material (i.e. garbage mixed with recycling). Solid Waste staff will be placing stickers on these non-compliance materials and leaving them in front of the customers building.   These items will be collected on the customers next scheduled collection provided that they have complied with the set-out requirements.    These stickers and enforcement notices are the first step to ensure compliance.

This compliance campaign will commence on Monday, January 18, 2016 through to February 25th. Attached are examples of the two types of stickers that will be used for this campaign.



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