Outrageous Garbage Tax

Please take a moment and let me know if you are or are not in favor of the proposed increase.


Would you support the removal of our existing garbage bin subsidy plus a 3% increase in your garbage bin fee?

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In addition, I would encourage you to drop me a line to my email by clicking on the appropriate link below.
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Throughout the 2015 Operating and Capital City Budget debate, I spoke loud and clear and led the fight by opposing and voting against this regressive garbage tax.

As you may have heard through recent media reports, City staff are not only requesting a 3% tax increase on garbage containers, but what is most concerning, is the removal of the containers rebate subsidy.

Back in 2007, when the new garbage and recycling bins were rolled out, taxpayers were promised a rebate to keep cost neutral for homeowners and revenue neutral for the City.

Property taxes are meant to cover costs for essential City services, such as police, fire fighting, public works, water supply and sewer services. This proposed garbage tax increase is not only regressive by punishing low and middle-income families, but it’s targeting residential property owners that are doing an excellent job in exceeding the City’s waste diversion rates.

This means that taxpayers, who already pay in full for garbage collection through their property taxes, will now be paying for garbage collection again through the implementation of a separate waste management revenue stream, at a time when the cost of this service is significantly lower than previous years.

To add insult to injury, this “ridiculous fee” has been presented as a way to encourage recycling and to help the City meet its goal of a 70% waste diversion rate. The fact is that home owners who are subject to this rate increase have already met this target rate. It is unfair to penalize homeowners to subsidize apartment buildings and condos which are failing to meet the City’s waste diversion targets.


As you know, I only have one vote at Toronto City Council, however, I will do everything in my power to fight this outrageous tax grab but I need your help.

Please write, e-mail, or call my office. Sign the petition opposing this garbage tax on my website. Get in touch with the Mayor’s Office (416-397-2489, mayor_tory@toronto.ca) and the Budget Chief (buc@toronto.ca), to make deputations before the Budget Committee at City Hall - collectively we can make our voices heard!


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