October 2016 Version of the “Seventeen” E-Newsletter

Affordable daycare – “I will do everything in my power to ensure that Council does the right thing - I will continue to voice your concerns to influence change on this at high level!”
City Will Approve 2017 Funding for the Child Occupancy Grant
Leading the Fight to Reinstate 2017 Funding for the Child Care Occupancy Grant
Tory: City will continue to fund child care occupancy grants in 2017
Na luta para repor a subvenção "Child Care Occupancy" para 2017


Dear Friends,

In maintaining my promise to keep you updated on events at City Hall and happenings in the neighbourhood, I am pleased to provide you with this October 2016 version of the “Seventeen” e-newsletter, which I hope you will find informative and insightful.

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your neighbourhood. Together, we can improve our community. Keeping our streets safer and cleaner, and making our neighbourhoods greener, as well as being accessible to my constituents, has and will continue to be my top priority.

With the fall now upon us and keeping road safety in mind, the safety of all road users is a priority for the City of Toronto. The City is reminding pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to take extra care, especially when travelling in residential neighbourhoods. The City has produced lawn signs that encourage all motorists to drive safely as they travel in our neighbourhoods. To get a lawn sign, please call my office at 416-392-7011 or email councillor_palacio@toronto.ca or visit my Community Office.

Together, let's continue to make Ward 17 greener, safer, and a better place to live, work and play. As always, I am only a phone call or email away, ready to assist you.




“A short cut to a Business Improvement Area gives Rogers Road a chance to shine”



During the October City Council meeting, I successfully had several motions approved.

MM21.1 – Feasibility of Re-naming of St. Clair Gardens Parkette to “Don Panos Parkette”
Don Panos was the founding member of the St. Clair Gardens BIA which was formed in 1985. Don served as Chair for most of those years and was also an instrumental figure in Toronto's Business Improvement Areas (BIA's), until his untimely passing on July 12, 2016. Don had a tremendous influence in the community; in the friendship and co-operation between the business and local residents that led to the revitalization, beautification and continued gentrification of St. Clair Avenue West and particularly, in the community hub of the "St. Clair Gardens Parkette", for holding annual Corn Roasts, Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremonies, etc. The renaming the St. Clair Gardens Parkette to "Don Panos Parkette", is a fitting honour for an individual who gave so much to the Ward 17 community.

MM21.22 – Placement of Hydro poles along City sidewalks
I requested the General Manager of Transportation Services, in consultation with Toronto Hydro, to review the placement of some existing utility pole infrastructure along our City sidewalks that are resulting in health, safety and accessibility problems for those members of the public that are physically disabled and require mobility devices.

LS13.3 - Supporting Litter Reduction through Amendments to Chapter 545, Licensing
I am pleased to announce that City Council approved amendments to Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, of Licensing that requires restaurants, bars, night clubs and other establishments, which require a business license, to maintain the public sidewalk curbs and gutters surrounding their business free from littered cigarette butts, cigar tips, electronic cigarettes and any refuse disposal generated by patrons. These amendments will help ensure our commercial streetscapes are kept clean.

The City of Toronto Adopts a New Waste Strategy

Following two years of extensive work, the Long Term Waste Management Strategy was approved by City Council on July 15, 2016. This comprehensive strategy will guide waste management in Toronto for the next 30-50 years.

The new Waste Strategy puts priority on reducing waste and minimizing the amount sent to landfill. It emphasizes the importance of community engagement and encourages prevention of waste, maximizing its value before disposal and supporting the move towards a circular economy.

As part of the approval of the Waste Strategy, City Council endorsed an aspirational zero waste goal for Toronto. Zero waste represents a shift in thinking to look at innovative ways to conserve and recover resources and minimize the volume of waste requiring disposal.
A copy of the final Waste Strategy can be viewed at:


Update on Parks and Recreation Permit Process Review

Parks, Forestry and Recreation is reviewing its permitting process to improve the customer experience and reduce the turnaround time for issuing permits. This review will complement the Recreation Business Transformation process and advise the procurement of a new registration and permitting system.

They began their public consultation for the Permitting Process Review by engaging external stakeholders in two meetings to obtain their feedback and recommendations on how we can make the process faster, easier and friendlier. At this time, they are now circulating a pubic survey to previous permit holders to obtain additional feedback, particularly from those who were unable to attend the public consultations. The survey will be available from October 12 to November 1, 2016 and can be accessed by clicking on the following link: http://fluidsurveys.com/s/PFR_Survey/


Making St Clair accessible (project update):

In the summer, the TTC began co-ordinating various accessibility and infrastructure improvement projects inside both St. Clair and St. Clair West stations and along the St Clair Ave. streetcar route. Construction is required to prepare for the new, accessible streetcars, which are scheduled to begin operating on St. Clair Avenue West in 2018.

On October 1st, the TTC finished construction work on the east-side entry ramp at St. Clair West Station ahead of schedule. This allowed the TTC to return the more convenient indoor transfer at St Clair West Station for customers on the 126 Christie, 33 Forest Hill, and 512 St. Clair routes.

The various accessibility and state-of-good-repair construction works on St. Clair Ave and inside St Clair West and St Clair Station are progressing. Regular streetcar service between the two stations is scheduled to return on schedule in December.


prestoThe PRESTO rollout continues across the TTC. Forty subway stations, 14 of which have the new fare gates, more than 1,300 buses and all new and legacy streetcars have PRESTO readers.

Fare gate construction is underway at High Park, Runnymede, Jane, Glencairn, North York Centre, St. Clair West – Heath Street entrance, Eglinton West, Summerhill, Wilson, Warden, Lawrence West, Bessarion, Bayview, Lawrence, Victoria Park and Eglinton.

The focus of the fare gate construction for 2016 will be on main entrances. Automatic entrances will be done in 2017. Also in 2017, the TTC will complete the installation of fare gates at those stations, which currently have PRESTO readers on TTC turnstiles

PRESTO on buses

  • More than 1,300 buses and 77 routes have PRESTO
  • By the end of 2016, all TTC buses, including Wheel-Trans vehicles and accessible taxis will have PRESTO readers. The accessible sedans will get PRESTO in 2017
  • Until such time as all buses are PRESTO enabled, customers who have PRESTO cards should carry tokens or exact cash, in case the bus that arrives doesn’t have readers installed
  • PRESTO customers transferring to another bus should take a paper transfer

TTC fare products on PRESTO

  • TTC pass products will not be available on PRESTO until sometime in 2017
  • Customers will still be able to purchase individual Metropasses and Metropass Discount Plan customers will still receive cards in 2017. Customers will be provided with advanced notice when it’s time to transition from a Metropass to PRESTO
  • Tokens and tickets will be accepted in 2017. The TTC will stop selling them before they stop accepting them. More information will be provided on ttc.ca when it is available
  • New Photo ID requirements approved by the TTC Board will be introduced alongside PRESTO concessions later in 2017
  • Limited Use Media (i.e. single ride) paper PRESTO cards will be available sometime in 2017. These will also be distributed to social service agencies, school boards and other organizations that hand out tokens and tickets today

General PRESTO information

  • PRESTO cards can be purchased online at prestocard.ca, by phone at 1-800-855-0511 or in person at select Gateway Newstands or at the Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station
  • To set a senior or student concession fare you must visit the TTC’s Customer Service Centre at Davisville Station, 1900 Yonge. More locations will become available as the PRESTO rollout continues
  • A third-party retail network will begin to sell PRESTO cards in 2017 and by late 2017 Self-Serve Reload Machines will be in every subway station. These machines will sell PRESTO cards and will allow customers to load pass products, such as monthly passes, as well as reload their card balance

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to Heather Brown, senior communications specialist at the Toronto Transit Commission, at heather.brown@ttc.ca or visit ttc.ca/presto

SAVE THE DATE: November 29, 2016. Ward 17 Community Safety Forum with Police Chief Mark Saunders and Unit Commanders from 11, 12 and 13 Division. The meeting will be held at Blessed Pope Paul School within the gymnasium (270 Laughton Avenue), 7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto:

The Toronto Police Service is going through what Chief Saunders calls, “a modernization.” To do this, he has convened a Task Force of community members and police to find a new and better way forward. Times and technology have changed greatly in the last 25 years, since policing largely went through its last major change. Now, with the demands by the City, the Police Services Board, and many members of the community to become a more efficient and economical City Service, the Chief wants to use this opportunity to also make us more effective at what we do.

The Service released its Interim Report on the effort in June, entitled “The Way Forward: Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto.” Which is available on line from our Toronto Police home page, or at: http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/TheWayForward/

The final report is due to be presented to the Police Service’s Board in December. While the interim report had 24 recommendations the Service is looking at many other items not included. The Service is also going through an extensive community consultation as the Task Force has committed to listening to the communities concerns and desires in recommending the way forward.

There is one more forum on November 5, 2016, at Toronto City Hall, so please make every effort to attend and share your input.

Local Police Division Updates:

September saw the children returning to school which coincided with the Annual Corporate Back to School Traffic Campaign “Are you focused on School.” The Campaign had officers focusing on driving, cycling, and pedestrian behaviour in and around schools, at pedestrian crossovers, and around school buses. 13 Division officers issued over 150 Provincial Offences Tickets for offences such as; Distracted Driving, Disobey Signs, Disobey Traffic Signals and other offences in school zones.

Since the school year commenced, Community Response Unit (CRU), Traffic Complaint Officers (TRU), Parking Enforcement Officers and Auxiliary Officers have been patrolling around elementary schools weekly.

12 and 13 Division Auxiliary Officers will be conducting a Child Car Seat Clinic on Sunday October, 23rd from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at 12 Division, situated at 200 Trethewey Drive. http://www.torontocarseatclinic.ca/

The investigative and undercover team at 12 Division Toronto Police Services carried out a surveillance operation that resulted in the successful arrest in the case of the mail theft issue that was impacting a section of the neighbourhood.

If you know of any commercial establishment or address where illegal activities are taking place, please call the Toronto Police Service at 416-808-2222, or my office as soon as possible. Together, we can weed out the few bad apples that are dragging down our commercial strips and community. We are all working together to fight crime. After all, community safety and crime prevention is everybody’s business!

Helpful Tips in Dealing with Aggressive Solicitors:

  • First and most importantly, if you feel uncomfortable opening your door to a solicitor for any reason, please don’t;
  • Do not allow or invite solicitors into your home. They can conduct business on your doorstep and they do not need to assess your belongings, your telephone or your restroom
  • Ask for written information about the company. Let them know that you will be doing research on that company before purchasing any of their products. If you do sign a contract, please read it thoroughly and keep in mind you are under no pressure to make an immediate decision
  • Be cautious about giving out any personal or financial information (Bank account, social security numbers, Credit Card, without being certain of the product and the seller’s intentions
  • Report aggressive or suspicious solicitors to Toronto Police Services at the non- emergency dispatch number: 416-808-2222 or call 222-TIPS
  • Consider posting a “No Solicitors” sign on your mailbox, screen door, etc.


The St. Clair Avenue Study:

The St. Clair Avenue Study was initiated by my office, in order to create economic growth, gentrification, and vitality along the transit-route by allowing additional heights, increased density, all the while finding compatible uses that are within the spirit and character of the neighbourhood.

NEW – Shoppers Drug Mart:

Coming to the corner of St. Clair Ave West and Via Italia, this Shoppers Drug Mart will be a fantastic addition and investment to this section of Corso Italia; it will include a green boulevard along the Via Italia flankage.

NEW - Graywood Development:

Located at 1771 St. Clair Avenue West – the Graywood Development proposal redevelops the vacant lands east of Osler on St. Clair Ave West (next to the West York Chevrolet Dealership).This 6-storey mixed use building will include 72 residential units and commercial storefronts at street level.

NEW - Alberta and Main Urban Properties Development:

Located at 898-900 St. Clair Avenue West this development proposes a 12 storey mixed use building with 121 residential units and ground floor retail space.

For more information on development within Ward 17, please contact my office.


Update on St. Clair/Silverthorn Library:

The current library will be demolished and a new 2-storey library will be constructed. The library building will increase by 205 square feet, from 4587 square feet to 4792 square feet with the addition of an elevator. I am pleased to report that the new library will offer: a complete re-design of the current floor layout to provide improved barrier-free access to the second floor; additional new quiet study, lounge and reading spaces on the second floor, reimagined zoned areas for adults, teens and children, and a new barrier free washroom and improved library building façade with accompanying streetscape improvements.

During the last term of Council, I served as a member of the Toronto Public Library Board, and remained a vocal advocate against library closures and the reduction in hours of operation. In 2012, it was my pleasure to notify the local community that over $2 million was allocated to improve our much-loved St. Clair/Silverthorn Public Library, and I am delighted this project is finally coming to fruition.

JJ Piccininni Community Recreation Centre - HVAC Plumbing and Electrical Upgrades

Construction started as scheduled on September 6, 2016 and work is ongoing.

The facility is closed with the exception of the Fitness Centre which continues to be in operation. Demolition work is completed and all major equipment is on site with the exception of the Dry-o-Tron unit. All condensers, boilers and pumps with the exception of the pool pumps have been installed. Indoor air handlers have been assembled inside the penthouse mechanical rooms and ductwork is 80% complete.

The Building Automation System (BAS) work has commenced and is 50% complete. The initial start-up for the Air handling units was completed today.

The electrical work for the new transformer and switchboard have commenced and is about 75% complete.

Construction continues to be on schedule and work is anticipated to be completed by December 23, 2016.

Removal of Southbound Left-Turn Prohibited Sign – Intersection of Lansdowne Avenue & Dupont Street

Great news! Further to the number of calls I received, about traffic safety concerns along Brandon Avenue and Lansdowne Avenue, I am glad to inform you that the temporary "southbound left-turn prohibition signage" was removed.

As you may be aware, the sole purpose for this implementation was to accommodate the road closure for the construction of 830 Lansdowne Avenue, which is now complete. I made every effort to ensure that due diligence was done to remove the signage which will now allow vehicles to make left turns during peak hours, alleviating the amount of vehicles utilizing Brandon Avenue as a secondary route.


Block parties increase the sense of belonging in a community, provide an opportunity to meet your neighbours and make new friends, and most importantly, to have a fun-filled day of excitement.

I would like to commend and congratulate the organizers and volunteers from the following organizations:

  • Hope/Harvie Victoria Day Street Party
  • Day Avenue Street Party
  • Lauder Avenue Street Mural Event
  • Annual Holland Park Street Party
  • 1st Annual Ward 17 Soppressata Contest

It is dedicated volunteers that make these local events possible for the community. My office is pleased to have assisted with their planning and hosting efforts and we look forward to helping again next year. If any community group is interested in hosting a community block party, please contact my office for details.

Opening ceremony/Movie Night to commemorate New Playground at Wadsworth Park

img_7071As we all know, Toronto is known as the “City within a park” and Wadsworth Park is one of the many beautiful parks in Ward 17 we can enjoy and have fun. People gather here daily to play with their kids, meet friends and enjoy all the activity the park has to offer. Wadsworth Park has become the popular hub and recreational heart of our neighbourhood. This new playground enhancement is exactly the kind of revitalization we need in our local parks. I am confident that a greater and greener future has been achieved. I would like to thank the community for their efforts in working together and would like to ask that we continue to work hand-in-hand to ensure that this park remains to be a safe and well used space for all to use.


Halloween safety tips from Toronto's paramedics and firefighters

Toronto Paramedic Services and Toronto Fire Services remind everyone to stay safe and have fun this Halloween. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to review the following safety tips before trick-or-treat activities.

Avoid slips, trips and falls

  • Check the costume's size to ensure a snug fit, with the costume no longer than ankle length
  • Consider makeup instead of a mask for a child. Masks can restrict vision and make it difficult to see approaching traffic
  • Turn on your porch light and clear walkways of clutter

Prevent fires

  • Keep candles, matches and lighters away from children
  • Keep lit pumpkins away from drapes, decorations or other flammable objects
  • Consider lighting your pumpkin with an LED light instead of a candle flame

Be visible

  • Carry a flashlight
  • Attach a strip of reflective tape to your child's costume
  • Wear light-coloured clothing instead of primarily dark colours

Plan ahead to stay warm and dry

  • Send your child out in layers of clothing – an extra layer under the costume will make a difference if a child is outside for an extended period
  • Place a hat and mitts in the bottom of your child's treat bag in case they are needed

Follow basic safety rules

  • Supervise small children when they are crossing a road
  • Wait for cars to come to a complete stop before starting to walk across the street at a stop sign, crosswalk or traffic light
  • Plan a meeting spot in advance in case friends/family members who are out together become separated
  • Check treats for signs of tampering, or for candy that appears likely to be a potential choking hazard for your child


Ward 17 –Davenport is home to 5 strong BIA’s that are all working hard and investing on beautification initiatives; street-scape and façade improvements. There is no question that the area has been gentrified - there is life, vibrancy and vitality along our commercial strips.

Corso Italia BIA http://torontocorsoitalia.com/
St. Clair Gardens BIA http://www.stclairgardens-bia.com/
Regal Heights Village BIA http://www.regalheights-bia.com/
Oakwood Village BIA http://www.oakwoodvillage.ca/
Fairbank Village BIA http://fairbankvillagebia.ca/


Toronto Renovates Program for Seniors or People With a Disability:

The City offers a home repair program known as the "Toronto Renovates Program" for low-income homeowners who are seniors or persons living with a disability. The program provides forgivable loans of up to $10,000 for essential home repairs and/or accessibility modifications to their homes. Grants are also available of up to $3,500 to eligible applicants for accessibility modifications, i.e. chair lifts, ramps, grab bars. Tenants renting homes in private rental apartments are eligible for accessibility grants only. For more information, please feel free to contact my office at 416-392-7011.

Toronto Hydro Moving Over to Monthly Billing:

Toronto Hydro is switching residential and small commercial customers to monthly billing as required by the Ontario Energy Board. Instead of getting 6 bills per year, you will now get 12. Don't like paper? You can sign up to receive your bills electronically - ebills. If you need any help filling out these forms, please contact my office.

In addition, there are numerous programs for eligible customers:

Revenue Services Offering Monthly Utility Billing:

As a one-year pilot project, the City is now offering property owners the option to receive their utility billings on a monthly basis so that instead of three bills per year, you will receive one each month. Reasons to take advantage of this pilot project include smaller, more manageable payments, improved monitoring of water consumption, and more timely billing to reflect the cost of exchanged garbage/recycling/organic bins.

Property owners interested in taking part in this pilot project must complete an application form, available on the City's website at the following link:


October programs at Dufferin/St. Clair Branch will be:
Mondays @ 10:30 AM Baby Laptime
Tuesdays @ 4 -5 PM: Afterschool Fun
Wednesdays @ 10:30 Preschool Drop-In
Fridays @ 10:30 Baby/Toddler Time
Saturdays @ 11 AM: Family Story-times
October 27th: "Small Business 101"

Saturday October 29 @ 11 AM: Halloween Puppet Play


October 28, 2016: Fairbank Village BIA FREE Pumpkin Giveaway, Treats and Hotdogs – While Quantities Last, 4-7pm

October 29, 2016: Regal Heights Residents association & Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association, Pumpkin Carving Event at Northcliffe at St. Clair Ave West, 2-4pm

November 1, 2016: Streetscape improvements on St. Clair Avenue West, in front of the JJP Recreation Centre and Prospect Cemetery, 7pm - Staff from the Mt. Pleasant Group of Cemeteries, Public Realm and the Parks Department will be attending the meeting to make short presentations on the streetscape improvements and to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

November 3, 2016: 13 Division Police Community Partnership Meeting, 7pm - The 13 Division Police Community Partnership (PCP) is made up of community volunteers and police service representatives from 13 Division and meets the first Thursday of each month at 7pm at St. Clare School, 124 Northcliffe Blvd.

November 4, 2016: 11 Division - "Warm 4 Winter" 3rd Annual Sleep-Out raising awareness on homelessness!  Front lawn of 11 Division @2054 Davenport Rd. From 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, 11 Division members will sleep outside in sleeping bags! Donations of new or gently used socks, mitts, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, blankets, undergarments and toiletries may be dropped off at 11 Division. Please support the Officers of Toronto Police Services - 11 Division, Members of the Community Police Liaison Committee and Staff of the West Neighbourhood House in thier 3rd Annual "Warm 4 Winter" event.

For more informatoin on how you can help, please contact Supt. Heinz Kuck - 416-808-1114 or by email - Heinz.kuck@torontopolice.on.ca

November 8, 2016: Toronto City Council - The full agenda has not yet been published, but it will be available at the following link, in early November:  http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&meetingId=10876#Meeting-2016.CC22

November 9, 2016: Weston-Pelham Park Strong Neighborhood Strategy Event – This event will be taking place at DPNCHC at 1900 Davenport Road, at 6pm. For more information please contact my office.

November 10, 2016: 11/12 Division Police Community Partnership Meeting, 7pm - The 11/12 Division Police Community Partnership (PCP) is made up of community volunteers and police service representatives from 11/12 Division and meets the second Thursday of each month from 7-9 pm at 1884 Davenport Road. The PCP’s mandate is to work together in identifying, prioritizing and problem-solving local community and policing issues. Come out and network with other community groups.

November 11, 2016: Remembrance Day Ceremony at Prospect Cemetery – Sunrise Services takes place at 1450 St. Clair Ave West, at 8:00 a.m. For more information, please call 416-651-4040.

November 18, 2016: St. Clair Gardens BIA Cavalcade of Lights – St. Clair Gardens Parkette, 3 Prescott Ave - West of Caledonia Rd., 6:00 pm to 8:00pm.

November 19, 2016:
Corso Italia BIA Christmas Event - Via Italia, south of St. Clair Avenue West will be closed off between 1-5pm. The event will have Santa's sleigh with live reindeer, an Elf, Carollers and musicians along the street. There will be popcorn, beverages and Panetone while quantities last.


There are certain areas of the City throughout the fall, where the doors and windows of homes can be seen covered in little bugs. Ward 17 is no exception, with some areas of the Ward plagued by this nuisance bug - the Eastern Box elder Bug to be specific.

While these bugs are not fun to look at, and are an annoyance when they congregate on houses or make their way indoors, they are not harmful to people, pets, or trees.

A fact sheet with information on the Eastern Box elder Bug, pictures, and management practices, has can be viewed below.

Congregating box elder bugs in fall

Congregating box elder bugs in fall