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    Methadone Clinic
    Petition to Minister of Health

    Uncontrolled Operation of Methadone Clinic Puts
    Community Revitalization at Risk

    May, 2012

    Dear Resident:

    The Province of Ontario continues to fund the Methadone Clinic located at 1680 Dufferin Street despite the fact that it is operating in a manner that is both disruptive and harmful to the revitalization of our community. Unfortunately, the clinic is treating many more patients than it is equipped to handle. This has led to an overflow of patients that has resulted in disturbing and unacceptable behaviour.

    The St. Clair and Dufferin area has one of the highest levels of pedestrian traffic, a number of elementary schools, a church, daycares, and will be home to a soon to be created nearby Parkette. Through local and city-wide efforts, Davenport residents and the City of Toronto have also invested millions of dollars to reclaim this area for the enjoyment of the community. Residents and local businesses have worked too hard to revitalize this area and we cannot allow this clinic to disrupt this feat. If the Province continues to fund this clinic without placing restrictions on its operations to address our community's concerns, it will overturn the gains that we have made towards the betterment of our neighbourhood.

    We should not allow this establishment to continue its uncontrolled operations. I plan to continue this fight until strict changes are made that will not pose a threat to our community.


    I need you to write letters in support of the changes we need for the protection of our community. Please mail, email, or fax your letters to my office. For your convenience, I have enclosed a form letter or if you prefer, you can draft your own.

    Please do not delay. Working together we can make effective changes and preserve our community. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at 416-392-7011.

    Cesar Palacio
    Toronto City Councillor
    Davenport - Ward 17


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