Jan 11/18 – City takes steps to prepare for upcoming extreme cold weather

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January 12, 2018

City takes steps to prepare for upcoming extreme cold weather

City of Toronto staff are preparing roads and services to help keep residents safe as this morning's rain is forecasted to change to freezing rain mixed with ice pellets. Temperatures are expected to drop suddenly around noon with the potential for a flash freeze followed by a moderate snowfall. Residents should be prepared for a slower than usual commute home.

Motorists are reminded to be extra cautious and watch for pedestrians and cyclists, especially during dusk and evening hours when visibility is low. Road conditions are expected to be slick, and can cause vehicles to slide and lose their ability to make sudden stops. Ensure that headlights, brake lights and signals are working. Headlights should be turned on at dusk. Avoid distractions while driving, such as eating or using phones.

Pedestrians should take extra caution on sidewalks. Pedestrians are reminded to cross at traffic signals, crosswalks and stop signs where possible. Try to make eye contact with drivers before stepping off the curb. Walk, don't run, across intersections. Only cross when you have enough time to safely do so.
"City staff are working hard to ensure the safety of all residents during this Extreme Cold Weather alert," said Mayor John Tory. "As the weather changes, I ask everyone to take extra precautions while out and about today and assist vulnerable friends, neighbours and fellow residents."

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