How to Carry out an Appeal at the Local Appeal Body

Appellants wishing to file an appeal may do so by completing a Form 1 – Notice of Appeal and submitting a digital copy of the completed Form 1, in person, at a designated Committee of Adjustment Service Counter. The accompanying appeal fee for the appeal is $300.00 per appeal per appellant. Please note, all appeals must be filed within the legislated timeline (Within 20 days a Committee of Adjustment Decision is issued).

For more information on initiating the appeal process with TLAB, please visit our website: Under the section "Filing An Appeal", we provide a step by step guide on how to file a TLAB appeal.

For your reference, I've also provide links to the following resources that may be of assistance:

TLAB Forms – All of TLAB's Forms
TLAB Public Guide -- The Public Guide provides information about the TLAB and its processes.
TLAB Rules of Practice and Procedures -- The Rules apply to proceedings brought before the Toronto Local Appeal Body.
TLAB Practice Directions