Petition to the Ontario Ministry of Health:

Uncontrolled Operation of Methadone Clinic Puts Community Revitalization at Risk


May 2012


Honourable Eric Hoskins
Minister of Health
803 St. Clair Ave West
Toronto, ON M6C 1B9

Dear Hon. Hoskins, 

I am a resident of Davenport – Ward 17 and I have been informed that the Province of Ontario continues to fund the Methadone Clinic at 1680 Dufferin Street despite the fact that it is operating in a manner that is both disruptive and harmful to the revitalization of our community. 

Although this service is essential, its location is wrong. The St. Clair and Dufferin area has one of the highest levels of pedestrian traffic, a number of elementary schools, a church, daycares, and will be home to a soon to be created nearby Parkette adjacent to St. Clare Catholic Elementary School. Through local and city-wide efforts, Davenport residents and the City of Toronto have also invested millions of dollars to reclaim this area for the enjoyment of the community. The revitalization of this area has encouraged residents to rediscover the wonderful eateries and shopping establishments which have become the focal point of our community and we feel that it is unfair to place this extra unwanted burden on our neighbourhood.

Residents and local businesses have worked too hard to revitalize this area and we cannot allow this clinic to disrupt this feat. I strongly object to the continued uncontrolled operation of the Methadone Clinic and urge you to support Councillor Cesar Palacio in his efforts to preserve the Dufferin and St. Clair community. Hon. Matthews, I want to know that tomorrow’s generation will benefit from your wise decision of today. 

Please reconsider the funding formula to control the operation at the Methadone Clinic at 1680 Dufferin Street.  



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