Announcing Neighbourhood Grants Program – May 4th deadline

Announcing Neighbourhood Grants Program - May 4th deadline

The Neighbourhood Grant program aims to to activate neighbourhoods and advance the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020 (TSNS 2020). Funding will be available for events that take place in the 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA) and the 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods between July 15 and December 31, 2018.

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Let LEAF help you create the backyard you’ve always dreamed about

Let LEAF help you create the backyard you've always dreamed about.

Looking to create a backyard oasis on a budget?
Short on time and not sure where to start?

LEAF will help you:
• Assess the conditions in your yard
• Understand what will grow best
• Select trees, shrubs, and garden kits that you will love
• Ensure everything gets planted properly
• Do it all at a reasonable price!
LEAF offers Full-Service Backyard Tree Planting, Do-it-Yourself Backyard Tree Planting, and Native Garden Kits at subsidized rates. For more information and to order visit

How to Carry out an Appeal at the Local Appeal Body

Appellants wishing to file an appeal may do so by completing a Form 1 – Notice of Appeal and submitting a digital copy of the completed Form 1, in person, at a designated Committee of Adjustment Service Counter. The accompanying appeal fee for the appeal is $300.00 per appeal per appellant. Please note, all appeals must be filed within the legislated timeline (Within 20 days a Committee of Adjustment Decision is issued).

For more information on initiating the appeal process with TLAB, please visit our website: Under the section "Filing An Appeal", we provide a step by step guide on how to file a TLAB appeal.

For your reference, I've also provide links to the following resources that may be of assistance:

TLAB Forms – All of TLAB's Forms
TLAB Public Guide -- The Public Guide provides information about the TLAB and its processes.
TLAB Rules of Practice and Procedures -- The Rules apply to proceedings brought before the Toronto Local Appeal Body.
TLAB Practice Directions

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Hydro One Transmission Line Upgrade

February 2018

Community Notice
Hydro One is working in your community

This month, Hydro One will begin working on the transmission line in your community. Hydro One, together with Toronto Hydro, is making significant upgrades to its electricity infrastructure to provide adequate and reliable power to the west end of Toronto. Power West Toronto is required to strengthen the city’s electricity system, accommodate the growing needs of homes and businesses in Toronto, and is required to electrify the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.
The project involves refurbishing 10 km of overhead transmission line to accommodate additional power that will come from Hydro One’s Runnymede Transformer Station, located at Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue West.

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