Basement Flooding Protection Program Project in the Blackthorn/Rogers Area

Community Update on behalf of City Staff from the Basement Flooding Protection Program

The construction progress in the Blackhorn/Rogers area is as follows:

Rowntree / Rosethorn / Silverthorn / Blackthorn:
• All basement flooding protection upgrades included in this contract have been completed.
• Sidewalk repairs and replacements have been completed and sidewalks have been reopened for pedestrian use.
• Temporary restoration of the road surface is on going and will be completed by end of next week. Temporary restoration is done due to the fact that permanent restoration needs to be done at a temperature higher than 4 degrees. The contractor will go back in the Spring to perform permanent restoration of the disturbed roads.

Old Weston / Rogers Road Area:
• The underground work in Old Weston/Rogers Road area will be completed by the end of February, weather permitting.
• Temporary restoration will be completed by April 2015.

Permanent restoration of the entire project area will be completed by end of May 2015, weather permitting.

In general, the project is moving along well with no major delays. Our site representative is working closely with the contractor to ensure the construction areas are kept as clean as possible and any decline in the road conditions are being addressed proactively. We do understand the inconvenience that this work cause to the residents and we are working to complete as soon as we can; however, at this time of the year the weather can be a challenge.

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jessica Orjuela, P. Eng.
City of Toronto
Basement Flooding Protection Program
Engineering & Construction Services
Metro Hall, 20th Floor
55 John Street
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

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