CORRECTION – 8:00am Fri Jan 30/15

Summary Of Activities

8:00am Friday January 30, 2015
In response to falling temperatures, local road plowing in Etobicoke York will commence at approximately 8am and will continue until approximately 12 midnight.

For the snow event of January 29, here is an update on Transportation Services’ plans as of 7am on January 30;

Weather: The snow has moved out now. Temperatures will drop below -10C in the morning and hold steady for the rest of the day.  Actual snow accumulation varied throughout the City from 4cm in west & south to 7cm in north and east. Equipment activations reflect the range of snow accumulation.

– Two to three rounds of salt were spread on expressways, arterial & collector roads yesterday. One round was applied to local roads.
– Salting on expressways, arterials and collectors resumed this morning at approx 5:30am in advance of the am rush hour.
– Local road salting resumed this morning at approx 4am and will continue until approx 3pm

– Plowing operations on expressways, arterials and collectors began at approx 9pm Thursday in all areas and are now complete. There will be some cleanup operations throughout the day on Friday.
– Local plowing in North York & Scarborough started at approx 12am and will continue until complete at approx 3pm
– Local plowing was not activated in Toronto & East York and Etobicoke York due to insufficient snow accumulations.

Sidewalk & Bus Stop Operations
– Mechanical sidewalk clearing began at approx 11pm Thursday in all areas and will continue until approx noon Friday
– Manual salting of steps and priority locations began at 7am Friday and will continue until approx 3pm.

– The Martin Goodman Trail & Humber Bay Waterfront Trail have been plowed and salted
– Separated bike lanes in the downtown core have been plowed and salted.

A further update will be provided at approximately 3pm on January 30.

For the most current information on our operations please follow us on Twitter at @TO_WinterOps

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